DOWNLOAD 192 WooThemes Woocommerce Extensions - 7/15/2016
DOWNLOAD 192 WooThemes Woocommerce Extensions - 7/15/2016

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Description of This Package: (NEW Updates 7/15/2016)

Affiliates Pro
The Affiliates Pro plugin provides advanced tools to manage an affiliate program.
Version 2.7.1

BadgeOS Sensei Add-On
This BadgeOS add-on integrates BadgeOS features with Sensei
Version 1.0.4

Follow-Up Emails
Automate your email marketing, and create scheduled newletters to drive customer engagement for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Sensei.
Version 4.4.13

Groups WooCommerce
Memberships with Groups and WooCommerce. Integrates Groups with WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions for group membership management based on product purchases and subscriptions. Documentation | Plugin page
Version 1.9.5

A course management plugin that offers the smoothest platform for helping you teach anything.
Version 1.9.6

Sensei Certificates
Reward your students by providing them with printable PDF certificates upon course completion.
Version 1.0.13

Sensei Content Drip
I will allow you to release sensei lesson content at a determined time so you can control when students have access to the content.
Version 1.0.5

Sensei Course Progress
Sensei extension that displays the learner’s progress in the current course/module in a widget on lesson pages.
Version 1.0.6

Sofort payment gateway
Integrates SOFORT Banking (SOFORT Überweisung) from into your WooCommerce store.
Version 1.1.18

Storefront Blog Customiser
Adds blog customisation settings to the Storefront theme
Version 1.2.1

Storefront Checkout Customiser
Adds options to the customise the appearance of the checkout when using WooCommerce.
Version 1.1.4

Storefront Designer
Adds a bunch of additional design options to the Storefront theme
Version 1.8.3

Storefront Mega Menus
Create enhanced full width dropdowns that seamlessly tie into your Storefront powered WooCommerce shop.
Version 1.3.0

Storefront Parallax Hero
Adds a hero component to the Storefront homepage template. Customise the component in the customizer and include it on additional pages using the included shortcode.
Version 1.4.5

Storefront Pricing Tables
Add attractive pricing tables to your posts and pages.
Version 1.0.3

Storefront Product Hero
Display styling parallax product hero components on your web pages.
Version 1.2.7

Storefront WooCommerce Customiser
Adds options to the customise the WooCommerce appearance and behaviour
Version 1.9.0

The Events Calendar PRO
The Events Calendar PRO, a premium add-on to the open source The Events Calendar plugin (required), enables recurring events, custom attributes, venue pages, new widgets and a host of other premium features.
Version 3.9.3

The Events Calendar: WooCommerce Tickets
The Events Calendar: WooCommerce Tickets allows you to sell tickets to events through WooCommerce
Version 3.9.3

Toolset WooCommerce Views
Lets you add e-commerce functionality to any site, running any theme.
Version 2.6.1

WooCommerce – Facebook Tab
Display WooCommerce products on Facebook.
Version 1.1.9

WooCommerce – Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons
Allows you to use Gravity Forms on individual WooCommerce products. Requires the Gravity Forms plugin to work. Requires WooCommerce 2.3 or higher
Version 2.10.6

WooCommerce – Watermark
Display Watermark text or images on woocommerce product images
Version 1.0.9

WooCommerce 2Checkout – Inline Checkout
2Checkout Inline Checkout integration for WooCommerce
Version 1.1.6

WooCommerce 2Checkout Gateway
Extends WooCommerce. Provides a 2Checkout gateway for WooCommerce.
Version 1.3.9

WooCommerce 360° Image
Add a 360° Image Rotation Display to a WooCommerce Product
Version 1.1.0

WooCommerce Account Funds
Allow customers to deposit funds into their accounts and pay with account funds during checkout.
Version 2.0.11

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images
A WooCommerce plugin/extension that adds ability for shop/store owners to add variation specific images in a group.
Version 1.7.3

WooCommerce Address Validation
Adds Address Validation and Postcode Lookup to WooCommerce via PostCodeAnywhere, SmartyStreets and more!
Version 1.8.2

WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields
Easily add custom fields to your WooCommerce orders and display them in the Orders admin, the My Orders section, and even order emails!
Version 1.5.0

WooCommerce Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation
Ajaxifies the standard WooCommerce Layered Nav and adds additional output types like color swatches, sizes, checkboxes, etc
Version 1.3.17

WooCommerce Advanced Notifications
Add additonal, advanced order and stock notifications to WordPress – ideal for improving store management or for dropshippers.
Version 1.1.19

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels
Create product labels to increase visibility of your products, add information and increase conversion rate with just a few clicks!
Version 1.0.4

WooCommerce Alipay Cross-Border
Allows merchants outside Mainland China to accept Credit Card or Alipay payments from residents of Mainland China. Alipay is China’s biggest/most popular payment gateway.
Version 1.9

WooCommerce Amazon FPS Gateway
Adds the Amazon FPS Payment Gateway to your WooCommerce store, allowing customers to securely use their Amazon account with single purchases, pre-orders, subscriptions, and more!
Version 2.2.0

WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage
Store your downloadbable products on Amazon S3 offering faster downloads for your customers and more security for your product.
Version 2.1.3

WooCommerce Anti Fraud
Version 1.0.4

WooCommerce API Manager
Manages APIs for software API Key activation/deactivation and software updates. API Manager code integration into products available from Todd Lahman.
Version 1.4.3

WooCommerce Aramex
Offer shipping of your WooCommerce orders using the Aramex courier company.
Version 1.0.0

WooCommerce Australia Post
Obtain parcel shipping rates dynamically via the Australia Post API for your orders.
Version 2.3.13

WooCommerce AIM Gateway
Accept Credit Cards and eChecks via AIM in your WooCommerce store
Version 3.6.0

WooCommerce CIM Gateway
Adds the CIM Payment Gateway to your WooCommerce site, allowing customers to securely save their credit card or bank account to their account for use with single purchases, pre-orders, subscriptions, and more!
Version 2.2.1

WooCommerce DPM Gateway
Extends WooCommerce with an DPM (Direct Post Method) gateway. An merchant account is required.
Version 1.6.0

WooCommerce Reporting
Automatically generates and emails daily CSV exports of your transactions. You can also download an export by going to WooCommerce > Reports > > Export
Version 1.4.0

WooCommerce AWeber Newsletter Subscription
Allow customers to subscribe to your Aweber newsletters via the checkout page and trough Web Forms from a widget.
Version 1.0.10

WooCommerce Bookings
Setup bookable products such as for reservations, services and hires.
Version 1.9.7

WooCommerce Braintree Gateway
Adds the Braintree Payment Gateway to your WooCommerce store, allowing customers to securely save their credit card to their account for use with single purchases, pre-orders, subscriptions, and more!
Version 3.2.1

WooCommerce Branding
Rebrand WooCommerce using your own brand name, colour scheme, and icon.
Version 1.0.14

WooCommerce Brands
Add brands to your products, as well as widgets and shortcodes for displaying your brands.
Version 1.4.5

WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management
Bulk edit stock levels and print out stock reports right from WooCommerce admin.
Version 2.2.1

WooCommerce Bulk Variations
WooCommerce Bulk Variations allows your shoppers to add more than one variation at a time to the cart. Great for wholesales, B2B sites, and for easing the process of adding more than one variation at a time for anyone.
Version 1.3.5

WooCommerce Canada Post
Obtain shipping rates dynamically via the Canada Post API for your orders.
Version 2.4.2

WooCommerce Cart Add-Ons
Adds the ability to define and display any product or variation based upon the products added to the cart by the user. Use widgets to display these recommendations in the sidebar, use <?php if (function_exists(‘sfn_display_cart_addons’)) sfn_display_cart_addons();
Version 1.5.12

WooCommerce Cart Notices
Add dynamic notices above the cart and checkout to help increase your sales!
Version 1.5.0

WooCommerce Cart Reports
WooCommerce Cart Reports allows site admins to keep track of Abandoned, Open, and Converted Carts. Admins can look at items in their customers carts, get site usage information, email customers, and access a new graphical report illustrating cart behavior trends on your site.
Version 1.1.9

WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options
Provides the ability to hide prices, or show prices only to authenticated users. Provides the ability to disable e-commerce functionality by disabling the cart.
Version 2.8.1

WooCommerce Chained Products
Easily create product bundles and combo packs and boost your sales.
Version 2.4.1

WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons
Easily create paid add-ons for your WooCommerce checkout and display them in the Orders admin, the My Orders section, and even order emails!
Version 1.7.1

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor
Add, remove and modifiy fields shown on your WooCommerce checkout page.
Version 1.4.10

WooCommerce Compare Products PRO
Compare Products uses your existing WooCommerce Product Categories and Product Attributes to create Compare Product Attributes for all your products. A sidebar Compare basket is created that users add products to and view the Comparison in a Compare this pop-up screen.
Version 2.2.1

WooCommerce Composite Products
Create complex, configurable product kits and let your customers build their own, personalized versions.
Version 3.6.5

WooCommerce Conditional Content
WooCommerce conditional content allows you to display additional or alternate content based on a set of criteria. Criteria includes current users role, product categories, product tags, prices, cart contents, and many more.
Version 1.2.0

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments
Use advanced rules to control the payment gateways, shipping methods and shipping countries/states available during checkout.
Version 1.1.11

WooCommerce Constant Contact
Easily signup customers to your Constant Contact email lists during checkout and anywhere else on your WooCommerce store with the included widget!
Version 1.6.0

WooCommerce Cost of Goods
A full-featured cost of goods management extension for WooCommerce, with detailed reporting for total cost and profit
Version 2.1.1

WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns & Tracking
Provides the ability to group coupons into campaigns – also offers better tracking and reporting of coupons as well as a bulk coupon generation tool.
Version 1.0.2

WooCommerce Currency Converter
Adds a currency selection widget – when the user chooses a currency, the stores prices are displayed in the chosen currency dynamically. This does not affect the currency in which you take payment. Conversions are estimated based on data from the Open Source Exchange Rates API with no guarantee whatsoever of accuracy.
Version 1.6.2

WooCommerce Customer History
Track and store customer browsing history with their order.
Version 1.1.1

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager
Allows for better overview and management of WooCommerce customers, accounts and the communication between your business and theirs.
Version 2.6.3

WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export
Easily download customers & orders in CSV format and automatically export FTP or HTTP POST on a recurring schedule
Version 3.11.2

WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Import Suite
Import customers, orders and coupons straight from the WordPress admin
Version 2.9.0

WooCommerce Customer/Order XML Export Suite
Easily download customers & orders in XML format and automatically export FTP or HTTP POST on a recurring schedule
Version 1.7.0

WooCommerce Deposits
Mark items as deposit items which customers can then place deposits on, rather than paying in full.
Version 1.1.7

WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping
Set up shipping rates based on the distance from your store to the customer, as well as charge based on number of items, order total or time to travel to customer.
Version 1.0.4

WooCommerce Drip
Integrate your WooCommerce store and customers with your Drip account.
Version 1.2.0

WooCommerce Dwolla Gateway
Adds Dwolla as a payment method for customers on your WooCommerce store. SSL certificate recommended, but not required.
Version 1.5.0

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing lets you configure dynamic pricing rules for products, categories and members. For WooCommerce 1.4+
Version 2.11.0

WooCommerce E-Mail Attachments
WooCommerce E-Mail Attachments provides a possibility for adding attachments to WooCommerce E-Mails. You can upload files for exclusiv use as attachment to E-Mails or use files from the media gallery. You can also add an informational note to the E-Mail, that an attachment has been added and add CC and BCC reciepients. Email to with any questions.
Version 3.0.4

WooCommerce Elavon Converge (formerly VM) Gateway
Adds the Elavon Converge (Virtual Merchant) Gateway to your WooCommerce website. Requires an SSL certificate.
Version 1.7.1

WooCommerce Email Customizer
Customize your WooCommerce emails with the WordPress Customizer.
Version 1.1.5

WooCommerce EU VAT Number
The EU VAT Number extension lets you collect and validate EU VAT numbers during checkout to identify B2B transactions verses B2C. IP Addresses can also be validated to ensure they match the billing address. EU businesses with a valid VAT number can have their VAT removed prior to payment.
Version 2.1.11

WooCommerce eWAY Payment Gateway
WooCommerce eWAY Rapid 3.1 payment gateway integration supporting all countries. Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions.
Version 3.1.9

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping
Obtain shipping rates dynamically via the FedEx API for your orders.
Version 3.3.3

WooCommerce First Data Payeezy Gateway
Accept credit cards and eChecks in WooCommerce through First Data Payeezy Gateway, Payeezy, or Global Gateway
Version 4.0.0

WooCommerce Flat Rate Box Shipping
Flat rate box shipping lets you define costs for boxes to different destinations. Items are packed into boxes based on item size and volume.
Version 1.3.4

WooCommerce Force Sells
Allows you to select products which will be used as force-sells – items which get added to the cart along with other items.
Version 1.1.9

WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons
Add a free product to the cart when a coupon is entered
Version 1.0.9

WooCommerce FreshBooks
A full-featured FreshBooks integration for WooCommerce, automatically sync your orders with invoices and more!
Version 3.8.0

WooCommerce Gateways Country Limiter
Allows showing checkout payment options according to the client’s billing country.
Version 1.1

WooCommerce Give Products
Allow shop owners to freely give products to users.
Version 1.0.8

WooCommerce GoCardless Gateway
Extends both WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions with the GoCardless Payment Gateway. A GoCardless merchant account is required.
Version 2.3.6

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro
Supercharge your Google Analytics tracking with enhanced eCommerce tracking and custom event tracking
Version 1.0.4

WooCommerce Google Product Feed
Woocommerce extension that allows you to more easily populate advanced attributes into the Google Merchant Centre feed
Version 6.7.3

WooCommerce Group Coupons
Coupons for groups. Provides the option to have coupons that are restricted to group members or roles. Works with the free Groups plugin. Documentation | Plugin page
Version 1.5.0

WooCommerce Instagram
Hi, I’m here to connect your Instagram account with WooCommerce. Together, we can showcase Instagrams from all over the world, showing visitors how your customers are showcasing your products.
Version 1.0.9

WooCommerce Intuit QBMS Gateway
Accept credit cards in WooCommerce with the Intuit QBMS gateway
Version 1.9.0

WooCommerce JPlayer Product Sampler
Enable customers to view samples of digital video and music products through JPlayer on the product page.
Version 1.4.0

WooCommerce LightSpeed POS
WooCommerce LightSpeed POS allows you to integrate and import inventory from LightSpeed to WooCommerce and sync inventory across both systems. You need to sign up for a LightSpeed account to use this extension.
Version 1.2.2

WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus
A shipping plugin for WooCommerce that allows the store operator to define local pickup locations, which the customer can then choose from when making a purchase.
Version 1.13.1

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator
WooCommerce plugin to provide price and quantity calculations based on product measurements
Version 3.9.1

WooCommerce Memberships
Sell memberships that provide access to restricted content, products, discounts, and more!
Version 1.5.4

WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities
Lets you define minimum/maximum allowed quantities for products, variations and orders. Requires 2.0+
Version 2.3.13

WooCommerce Mix and Match
Allow customers to choose products in any combination to fill a “container” of a specific size.
Version 1.1.3

WooCommerce Moneris Gateway
Accept credit cards and Interac Online in WooCommerce with the Moneris Gateway
Version 2.5.1

WooCommerce MSRP Pricing
A WooCommerce extension that lets you flag Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices against products, and display them on the front end.
Version 2.0.2

WooCommerce Multilingual
Allows running fully multilingual e-Commerce sites with WooCommerce and WPML. Documentation.
Version 3.5.2-beta2

WooCommerce MyMail
WooCommerce MyMail addon integrate myMail – Email Newsletter Plugin with WooCommerce
Version 2.1.0

WooCommerce Name Your Price
WooCommerce Name Your Price allows customers to set their own price for products or donations.
Version 2.3.4

WooCommerce Nested Category Layout
WooCommerce Nested Category Catalog Page Layout
Version 1.8.1

WooCommerce One Page Checkout
Super fast sales with WooCommerce. Add to cart, checkout & pay all on the one page!
Version 1.2.7

WooCommerce Order Barcodes
Generates unique barcodes for your orders – perfect for e-tickets, packing slips, reservations and a variety of other uses.
Version 1.3.0

WooCommerce Order Delivery
Choose a delivery date during checkout for the order.
Version 1.0.1

WooCommerce Order Status Change Notifier
Supercharge your Order Status changes. Add notes, control outbound email notifications, and store order change comments to orders in a single step. Order Status Comments are saved to the order and included in outbound emails.
Version 1.1.0

WooCommerce Order Status Control
Automatically change order status to complete for all orders or just virtual orders when payment is successful
Version 1.5.0

WooCommerce Order Status Manager
Easily create custom order statuses and trigger custom emails when order status changes
Version 1.6.0

WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Fees
Add fees to an order automatically depending on the payment gateway. The fees are calculated on product level and/or on total cart value on checkout page, pay-for-order page and admin order page. The admin can change the amount added in the backend and can also disable calculation of fees for a specific order for the pay-for-order page.
Version 2.2.16

WooCommerce Paymill Gateway
WooCommerce payment gateway for processing payments through
Version 3.2

WooCommerce PayPal Adaptive Payments
PayPal Adaptive Payments integration for WooCommerce
Version 1.1.5

WooCommerce PayPal Digital Goods Gateway
Accept in-context PayPal Express Checkout payments in your WooCommerce store.
Version 3.2.2

WooCommerce PayPal Express Gateway
Accept PayPal and Credit Card payments in your WooCommerce store via PayPal Express
Version 3.7.2

WooCommerce PayPal Payments Advanced Gateway
A payment gateway for PayPal Payments Advanced ( A PayPal Advanced account is required for this gateway to function. Paypal Adavnced currently only supports USD.
Version 1.22

WooCommerce PayPal Pro (Classic and PayFlow Editions) Gateway
A payment gateway for PayPal Pro classic and PayFlow edition. A PayPal Pro merchant account, Curl support, and a server with SSL support and an SSL certificate is required (for security reasons) for this gateway to function.
Version 4.4.2

WooCommerce Payza Gateway
Adds the Payza Gateway to your WooCommerce website.
Version 1.3.2

WooCommerce PDF Invoices
Attach a PDF Invoice to the completed order email and allow invoices to be downloaded from customer’s My Account page.
Version 3.2.1

WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers
Customize and sell PDF product vouchers with WooCommerce
Version 2.5.1

WooCommerce PDF Watermark
Apply text or image-based watermarks to your WooCommerce PDF downloads.
Version 1.0.4

WooCommerce Photography
Provide a user experience for photographers to offer batches of images for order.
Version 1.0.7

WooCommerce PickingPal
Helps achieve 100% order picking & shipping accuracy. Never send out an incomplete order or the wrong items to your Customers ever again. Scan your order barcode, scan your items, and let PickingPal do the rest!
Version 1.2.6

WooCommerce Points and Rewards
Reward customers for purchases and other actions with points which can be redeemed for discounts
Version 1.5.12

WooCommerce PostNL
Offer PostNL shipping rates automatically to your customers. Prices according to the 2015 price guide.
Version 1.0.2

WooCommerce Pre-Orders
Sell pre-orders for products in your WooCommerce store
Version 1.4.5

WooCommerce Print Invoices/Packing Lists
Customize and print invoices and packing lists for WooCommerce orders from the WordPress admin
Version 3.1.2

WooCommerce Product Add-ons
WooCommerce Product Add-ons lets you add extra options to products which the user can select. Add-ons can be checkboxes, a select box, or custom input. Each option can optionally be given a price which is added to the cost of the product.
Version 2.7.19

WooCommerce Product Bundles
WooCommerce extension for creating simple product bundles, kits and assemblies.
Version 4.14.3

WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite
Import and export products and variations straight from WordPress admin. Go to WooCommerce > CSV Import Suite to get started. Supports post fields, product data, custom post types, taxonomies, and images.
Version 1.10.10

WooCommerce Product Documents
Adds a product documents element to WooCommerce product pages
Version 1.5.0

WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form
Adds an enquiry form tab to certain product pages which allows customers to contact you about a product. Also includes optional reCAPTCHA for preventing spam.
Version 1.2.1

WooCommerce Product Finder
An advanced search for WooCommerce that helps your customers find your products more easily.
Version 1.2.1

WooCommerce Product Retailers
Allow customers to purchase products from external retailers
Version 1.7.2

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro
Extend WooCommerce product reviews to add video, photo, comment, and question contribution types, as well as review filtering, voting, and flagging.
Version 1.6.2

WooCommerce Product Search
Enhanced product search for WooCommerce.
Version 1.4.3

WooCommerce Product Support
Connect your products to BuddyPress Groups and bbPress Forums. Easily manage product support or build paid communities.
Version 2.0.2

WooCommerce Product Vendors
Set up a multi-vendor marketplace that allows vendors to manage their own products and earn commissions. Run stores similar to Amazon or Etsy.
Version 2.0.12

WooCommerce Products Compare
Have your customers to compare similar products side by side.
Version 1.0.4

WooCommerce Products Of The Day
Adds a widget which displays choosen products of the day. Products can be sorted in different order for each day of week.
Version 1.1.4

WooCommerce Purchase Order Payment Gateway
Receive payments via purchase order with Woocommerce.
Version 1.1.3

WooCommerce Quick View
Let customers quick view products and add them to their cart from a lightbox. Supports variations. Requires WC 2.0+
Version 1.1.5

WooCommerce Recommendation Engine
WooCommerce Recommendation Engine is a smart recommendation engine for your store, providing automatic cross sells based on users viewing and purcahsing history.
Version 3.0.2

WooCommerce Recommendations by Graphflow
Recommendations for WooCommerce, powered by the Graphflow recommendation engine
Version 2.1.0-beta3

WooCommerce Review for Discount
Provide discounts to incentivize users who submit reviews for specific or any products
Version 1.6.1

WooCommerce Role Based Methods
This plugin provides an interface for role-based control over WooCommerce payment and shipping methods.
Version 2.0.8

WooCommerce Royal Mail
Offer Royal Mail shipping rates automatically to your customers. Prices according to the 2015 price guide and the 2015 Parcelforce price guide
Version 2.4.0

WooCommerce SagePay Form and SagePay Direct Gateway
Extends WooCommerce. Provides a SagePay Form / SagePay Direct gateway for WooCommerce.
Version 3.2.3

WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro
Gives you global and per-product control over sale flash display and lets you show % or the amount off.
Version 1.2.5

WooCommerce Sales Report Email
Daily Sales Report Email
Version 1.1.2

WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro
Provides custom incrementing order numbers for WooCommerce orders.
Version 1.9.0

WooCommerce Servired/RedSys Spain Gateway
Extends WooCommerce with an RedSys gateway, supported banks here: Only support EUROS € currency.
Version 3.1.1

WooCommerce Ship to Multiple Addresses
Allow customers to ship orders with multiple products or quantities to separate addresses instead of forcing them to place multiple orders for different delivery addresses.
Version 3.3.14

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking
Add tracking numbers to orders allowing customers to track their orders via a link. Supports many shipping providers, as well as custom ones if neccessary via a regular link.
Version 1.4.3

WooCommerce Shipping Per Product v2
Per product shipping allows you to define different shipping costs for products, based on customer location. These costs can be added to other shipping methods (requires WC 2.0), or used as a standalone shipping method.
Version 2.2.6

WooCommerce Skrill Payment Gateway
Adds the Skrill payment gateway to your WooCommerce website.
Version 1.5.0

WooCommerce Smart Coupons
WooCommerce Smart Coupons lets customers buy gift certificates, store credits or coupons easily. They can use purchased credits themselves or gift to someone else.
Version 3.0.16

WooCommerce Social Login
One-click registration and login via social networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon
Version 1.7.5

WooCommerce Software Add-On
Extends WooCommerce to a full-blown software shop, including license activation, license retrieval, activation e-mails and more.
Version 1.6.2

WooCommerce Splash Popup
Allows store owners to display a lightbox popup on their web site containing page content based on whether the user is logged in or not, and whether the user is a customer or not. Once hidden the popup remains hidden via cookie.
Version 1.2.1

WooCommerce API integration API integration for label printing. Requires server SOAP support.
Version 1.2.6

WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download
A WooCommerce plugin/extension that adds ability for users to download a PDF of your store catalog.
Version 1.0.7

WooCommerce Store Credit
Create “store credit” coupons for customers in your WooCommerce store which are redeemable at checkout. Also, generate and email store credit coupons to customers via the backend.
Version 2.1.5

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
A payment gateway for Stripe ( A Stripe account and a server with Curl, SSL support, and a valid SSL certificate is required (for security reasons) for this gateway to function. Requires WC 2.1+
Version 2.6.12

WooCommerce Subscribe to Newsletter
Allow users to subscribe to your newsletter via the checkout page and via a sidebar widget. Supports MailChimp and Campaign Monitor and also MailChimp ecommerce360 tracking. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Newsletter to configure the plugin.
Version 2.3.3

WooCommerce Subscription Downloads
Associate downloadable products with a Subscription product in WooCommerce, and grant subscribers access to the associated downloads for the downloadable products.
Version 1.1.4

WooCommerce Subscriptions
Sell products and services with recurring payments in your WooCommerce Store.
Version 2.0.14

WooCommerce Tab Manager
A product tab manager for WooCommerce
Version 1.5.3

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping
Table rate shipping lets you define rates depending on location vs shipping class, price, weight, or item count.
Version 2.9.2

WooCommerce Taxamo
Use Taxamo services in your WooCommerce shop.
Version 1.2.7

WooCommerce Terms & Conditions Popup
On the checkout page launch the Terms & Conditions in a popup (lightbox) to create a seamless user experience.
Version 1.0.3

WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications
Send SMS order notifications to admins and customers for your WooCommerce store.
Version 1.7.1

WooCommerce UPS Shipping
WooCommerce UPS Shipping allows a store to obtain shipping rates for your orders dynamically via the UPS Shipping API.
Version 3.1.2

WooCommerce URL Coupons
Create a unique URL that applies a discount and optionally adds one or more products to the customer’s cart.
Version 2.2.1

WooCommerce US Export
Match customer data against the US Export list
Version 1.0.4

WooCommerce USPS Shipping
Obtain shipping rates dynamically via the USPS Shipping API for your orders.
Version 4.3.2

WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos
WooCommerce Swatches and Photos allows you to configure colors and photos for shoppers on your site to use when picking variations. Requires WooCommerce 1.5.7+
Version 2.1.4

WooCommerce Virtual Card Services Gateway
A payment gateway for South African payment system, Virtual Card Services.
Version 1.1.3

WooCommerce Waitlist
This plugin enables registered users to request an email notification when an out-of-stock product comes back into stock. It tallies these registrations in the admin panel for review and provides details.
Version 1.4.13

WooCommerce Warranty Requests
Set warranties for your products (free and paid), and allow customers to purchase warranties when buying a product, and to initiate a return request right from their account. Manage RMA numbers, return status, email communications, and track return shipping easily with this extension.
Version 1.7.4

WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing
WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing – An extension for WooCommerce, which adds wholesale functionality to your store.
Version 2.1.5

WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration
Integrates Wishlist Member with WooCommerce
Version 2.5.1

WooCommerce WishLists
WooCommerce Wishlists allows you to create public and personal wishlists.
Version 1.11.0

WooCommerce Xero Integration
Integrates WooCommerce with the Xero accounting software.
Version 1.7.3

WooCommerce Zapier Integration
Integrates WooCommerce with the Zapier web automation service.
Version 1.5.3

Add responsive slideshows to your website using shortcodes, template tags or widgets. Showcase custom slides, blog posts or other content in a responsive animated slideshow.
Version 2.3.0

WooSlider – WooCommerce Products Slideshow
Add slideshows of your WooCommerce products to WooSlider.
Version 1.0.10





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