Vladimir Cosma - Diva (The Movie Soundtrack) (1981)
Vladimir Cosma - Diva (The Movie Soundtrack) (1981)

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The 1981 Jean-Jacques Beineix film Diva is a dizzying cornucopia of delights, with a strong sense of urban cool and a cast of characters whose alternating detachments and obsessions hint at the legacy of pain and loneliness that helped form them.

Its score, composed by Vladimir Cosma, is inseparable from the film, which, after all, is about music itself, and the ways that it links to desire and longing. From the beautiful arias of Wilhemina Wiggins Fernandez (who plays an opera singer in the film) to the eerie, achingly beautiful instrumental pieces composed by Cosma to set the mood for images of rain-slicked streets, Taiwanese music pirates, teenaged Vietnamese thieves, jaded middle-aged art sages, and motorbike and car chases, the score for Diva remains one of Cosma’s masterpieces, a perfect companion to a film that became an international underground hit.

01. La Wally (Vocals By Wilhelmenia Fernandez) [3:33]
02. Promenade Sentimentale [2:42]
03. Voie Sans Issue [3:07]
04. Gorodish [3:04]
05. Le Zen Dans L’Art De La Tartine [2:06]
06. La Wally (Instrumental) [3:11]
07. Promenade Sentimentale [3:37]
08. Lame De Fond [4:24]
09. Metro Police [2:38]
10. Le Cure Et L’Antillais [1:34]
11. L’Usine Desaffectee [3:17]
12. La Wally (Vocals By Wilhelmenia Fernandez) [3:26]

The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Cosma (tracks 1, 6)

Solo Piano: Vladimir Cosma (tracks 2, 7)

Label: Milan
Released: 1990
Catalogue: CD CH 061

Codec: Flac
Compression Level: 6
Quality: High

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