StoreApps Smart Manager Pro v3.9.15 WooCommerce Plugin
StoreApps Smart Manager Pro v3.9.15 WooCommerce Plugin

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Looking for the best free WooCommerce plugins for managing your store? Smart Manager, is the answer.

Smart Manager is a unique, revolutionary tool that gives you the power to efficiently manage products, customers and orders using the popular WordPress e-Commerce plugins – WooCommerce and WPeC.

As a business owner, your time is better spent on marketing and customer service than on store administration. Unfortunately store administration with can take significant time. Day after day.

Smart Manager will boost your productivity 10x in managing products, customers and orders. You can browse, search, add, update and delete multiple products & variations, customers or orders using a familiar, single page, spreadsheet like interface. Use our smart Batch Update to change multiple fields on multiple items – all at once with zero errors. You will discover a new way of store administration with this add-on. It frees you up from mundane housekeeping tasks. So you can spend that time on anything that makes you more money.

Woocommerce Smart Manager is the best and most popular store administration plugin ever.

Here are some more benefits Smart Manager customers have shared with us.

Easy Reviews
A side benefit of having spreadsheet display for products/orders is that you can review them easily. You can compare their details and take decisions easily.
Significantly Faster
Everything feels snappier with Smart Manager. Viewing, searching, updating. It’s all optimized so you get quick response times. Your time is important, you don’t want to waste it waiting.
Unparalleled Ease Of Use
Smart Manager was designed to make complicated tasks easier. There is nothing that can even come close to its ease of use.
Flexible Display Options
Choose which columns to display, sort and resize columns to fit your needs. Open a product in new editing panel or see order details in another panel.
Keyboard Navigation
Use Tab and Shift+Tab to navigate between different cells. Use Enter to move to next row. Power users will love this.
Built In Validation
Numbers, text, limited choices – Smart Manager validates your input. If you inadvertently enter a wrong value, you no longer have to wait till you hit save and encounter errors.
Eliminates Common Errors
Calculation mistakes are common and they can cost you a lot. Smart Manager’s intelligent update actions eliminate common errors. You can focus on solutions now!
Take Down Products Quickly
Mark all products you don’t want to show on your store and set their status to “Draft” using Batch Update. Or back to “Published”.
Easy Installation
Smart Manager installation is easy too. Just upload the zip file via WordPress admin or unzip it and upload via FTP. Then activate to get started.
Freedom From Mundane
The simplicity and effectiveness of Smart Manager takes away the irritation of mundane store administration activities. Imagine starting your day without these irritations!
Achieve Complicated Updates Yourself
Powerful update options let you perform some complicated actions easily. You don’t need to call your programmer for every little change you needed now.
Stock Level Control Options
Bulk update whether you want to maintain inventory checks and send out notifications on out of stock.
Add, Remove Products To Groups
Add selected products to a particular group/category or remove them from a group/category. Use multiple update actions to add a product to multiple groups.
One Year Upgrades
Smart Manager comes with one year free upgrades. You will get all enhancements for a full year. And sure, you can continue using Smart Manager beyond the first year without upgrading.


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